Plugin KNX


The KNX plugin i used to received and send message on a KNX bus.

This is a “No xPL” version

Plugin Information Page


The plugin need a a daemon and tools, you can use EIBD of knxd with knxtool.

Plugin configuration

Here is the global configuration:

Key Type Description
Host ip string The hostnmae/@Ip of daemon server
Host Type string Specify if you use EIBD of KNXTOOL

Create the domogik devices

Create device by device type

There is different devices type for sensors (boolean, scale, number...) and for commands (Switch, Scale...)

In all cases two parameters are needed for a domogik device creation:

Key Type Description
datapoint string Use the list to choice your KNX datapoint type
address string The KNX address group that you would configure

That rigth for sensors or commands if a command was created without sensors by default the plugin use the commands groups as sensors groups.

Here are some screenshots of devices type creation

Start the plugin

You can now start the plugin (start button) and use the created devices.

Set up your widgets on the user interface

You can now place the widgets of your devices features on the user interface.